Making sure audience has enough time to read text?

Nov 30, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I am setting up an AS project with slides that automatically advance at the end of the slide's timeline.

I was wondering how long you give the audience to read a slide before advancing it?  Average reading speed (according to Google) is 200 wpm or 1 word/3 sec, so that means a ten word sentence would require showing the slide for 30 seconds, which seems awfully long.  How do you determine how long to show your text when you are automatically advancing the slides?



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Les Helyes

I agree with Walt.  Giving the option to advance is your safest bet.  We typically add narration and move to next at the end of the timeline.  I would suggest disabling the Next button on the player (so learners can't scrub past the slide), then add a trigger that appears after maybe 10 seconds to allow them to advance.

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