Making Tab as a Trigger (Submit trigger) for Text Entry Fiels

Dec 05, 2013


I have captured a simulation using Storyline. For text entry fields, I need to make tab as the submit trigger instead of Enter. Even after changing the object trigger to Tab, in the final output, the simulation takes both tab and Enter as the submit triggers. Is there a way to ensure that only tab works as the trigger and not Enter?

Also, if I use tab, then after pressing tab for 2-3 times, a yellow highlight box appears either around the feedback box or around the entire captured screen. Is there a way to resolve this? Would be great if you could send me your responses at your earliest convenience. Thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Neha and welcome to Heroes! 

The tab functionality you're seeing is a part of the accessibility features, and there is not a way to disable those. The same is true of the Enter key - but if you're able to adjust the length of the text entry box, the Enter key should shift you down to a new line instead of submitting the answer as described here. 

Neha Madan

Thank you, Ashley! This was really helpful. In the simulation I have, the text field area does not give me the liberty to increase its width. I guess, given this situation, the alternative would be to use Enter key as a trigger instead of tab (given that we currently also don't have a way to disable accessibility features.)

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