Making Text Fields Mandatory

Good Morning,

I cannot for the life of me get my thing to work.  Here's what I am trying to do:

I have two data entry fields that need to be mandatory.  Both of them need to be completed in order to move on.  I do not have a separate button on the slide to Submit. Just have the Submit button on the player.  

So here's what needs to happen.

Date of Training field - needs completed.  If not completed, a message displays that says "Type Date here." (I did add a layer for this message).

Name field - needs completed. If not completed, a message displays that says "Type Name here." ( I added a layer for this message).

If Date of training field is completed, but name field is not, a message needs to display, "Type name here." next to Name field.  That is not happening, although I have the layer for it.

If Name field is completed, but date of training is not, a message needs to disply, "Type date here." next to date of training field. That is not happening, although I have the layer for it..

If neither field is complete and they click the Submit button, both messages need to display next to each field.  That's not happening.

And on TOP of all that not happening, my Submit button will not submit!!

I looked at a previous example that someone posted and although it helped some, it didn't help completely.  

Attached is my Trigger pane of what I have.  Obviously, I have screwed it up and can't figure out how to fix it.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Shawn!  I get what you want to do, and I've seen examples of how to incorporate two mandatory text entry fields onto a single quiz slide.  Generally it involves using a different quiz type, like Pick One, and having the Pick One elements off the stage.  The text entries will control which object gets picked, therefore determining if the question is answered correctly.  There is a really great tutorial of this setup here.  So that might get you started as far as setup.

I'm not a JavaScript expert, so with your particular trigger setup, I'm not the best to assist.  But if you can leverage variables with conditions to get those layers to show, I think you're on to something.  Can you share your full file here, and we can have a closer look?

Thanks, Shawn!

Jennifer Roy-Asare

Can someone share a sample slide showing text entry boxes that are mandatory to be completed before advancing to the next slide? I'm trying to gather participant info (name, company, phone number) and I don't want them to advance slides until this is populated. If there is a better way to do this, please help. I've been searching these forums for far too long and getting frustrated.

Part 2 of this question... is there a way to get this content to appear in the test results print out of our quiz?

Lauren Connelly

Hi Jennifer!

I'm happy to help!

I've created a sample slide for you where I added two text entry fields. The user can't press the Next button unless the state of each text entry field is not equal to blank.

To answer your second question, by default you can ask the user to type in their name so it's displayed on the printed Results Slide. However, adding extra information would include a custom workaround. Luckily, I found this discussion which explains how to create this! 

Let me know if we can help with anything else!