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Ray Cole

A somewhat crude, but simple, way to make a solid color background "disappear" is to:

  1. Import the picture into Storyline.
  2. Click it.
  3. Click the Format tab under Picture Tools.
  4. On the far left of the Format ribbon, in the Adjust block, click Recolor, and from the open drop-down list choose Set Transparent Color.
  5. Your mouse pointer changes shape to indicate the tool is selected.
  6. Now click anywhere on the white background of your image and that color (white in this case) will be replaced with a transparency.

Results vary. This will work best over a white or light background, as the edges may still have a bit of a white outline around them.

For better results (albeit, from a more complicated procedure), I usually take the image into Photoshop and remove the background there where the tools are more powerful. But Storyline's Set Transparent Color tool is still very handy and sometimes works really well.