Making the draggable item disappear when it is "dropped"

Jul 26, 2012


I have successfully created a drag and drop activity (thanks to the great tutorials!) but wondered if it was possible to have the "drag" item disappear (or maybe go to the back?) when it is "dropped" on the correct target?

Many thanks


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Jill McNair

Hi Nadeem,

Use the same trigger listed above for the Drag item. Add the following trigger to the Drop item to make it disappear:

Action: Change the state of

On Object: [drop target name]

To State: Hidden

When: Object dropped on

Object: [drag item name]

Dropped on: Check [drop target name]

Example .story file attached (Storyline 2)

In this example, I assume that you only want the items to disappear when a correct drag item is dropped onto a correct drop target...meaning if they drop a wrong answer on the drop target, nothing will disappear. I also set the Drag and Drop Options to return the drag item to its start point, if it is dropped outside of a correct drop target. 

Hope that helps!


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