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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marco,

I haven't seen that error often, so I did a bit of searching in E-Learning Heroes and found another user who ran into that when files in their published output were using special characters. I'd look at removing any special characters from your file names, paths, etc. and then republishing your Storyline course. You'll also want to use the option to Zip the published content on the Publish Successful window. 

Let us know if that does the trick, and if not, I'd like to have you share a copy of that output with our Support Team!

Robin Weggeman

I have had the same error.

One of the attached PDF files was titled with a special sign.
The sign was the 'ë' An 'E' with two points on it.

In the Netherlands this sign is often used, so I didnt consider it as a potential error...

After deleting all of the PDF links it worked.
I added all of the PDF one at a time and uploaded to LMS.
Only this file created the error..
I changed the name of the file, It works!