Manditory completion of slides

After watching several videos and reading several other forum posts I am still unsatisfied with the results for setting up the rules for how the slides progress. I am surprised by how challenging this has been since I am assuming this is a major feature of most e-learning trainings. Here are the triggers I have so far, with the same triggers in place, my first slide refuses to progress to the next slide (the next slide is a pick many slide), and my third slide still just jumps to the next slide without forcing the user to click next. 

Trigger 1 - When timeline starts on this slide change the next button to hidden

Trigger 2 - When timeline ends on this slide change the next button to normal

Trigger 3 - When user clicks next jump to the next slide

Additionally, I do not know how to prevent someone from just clicking on the next slide on the table of contents. I would love to know that there is a specific webinar or something for this task. Thank you. 

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Ren Gomez

Hi Heather,

Happy to help! If those are the triggers you need set on a global scale for the course, I recommend taking a look at your Menu Navigation Restrictions. You can view this by going to the Home tab and selecting Player.

If you choose the option Restricted, this will lock navigation in both the menu and next buttons until the timeline completes, and the learner will be able to review any slide after they've seen it once. 

Choosing this option means you don't need the triggers you created, and you can feel free to delete them! This article covers more details if you wanted to learn more: