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I have been reading the featured discussions on the manifest files, but can't find the answer I need. I have changed very small things in my video and when publishing, the system can not find the manifest file? Where is the manifest file held? I have gone into previously published vids and can clearly see the manifest file. Why has it disappeared?



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Katie Riggio

Hi, Janine. Happy to help!

If you see a message that the manifest can't be found when launching a course in your LMS, it could be that the SCORM output wasn't properly zipped. An LMS won't be able to find the imsmanfiest.xml file for a course if it's not at the root level of the zip file. Here's how to correct it:

  • Use the built-in Zip feature on the Publish Successful dialog after you've published your Articulate content. It'll automatically create a well-formed zip file.
  • If you manually zip the output files, be sure to only zip the contents of the output folder, not the folder itself.

Let me know if that makes a difference, and if you don't mind sharing your .story file I'd love to take a close look! 🔎

Janine Keenan

Thanks everyone, but I have published for LMS and chosen the Zip option as I have done several times before, but the Manifest file is still missing. I have attached a previous version just to show the difference. 

I actually don't even have the video option when publishing . so haven't chosen this.

I have re-published using SCORM 1.2 and 2004 but the same issue is happening. I have published these videos several times, after making changes and this has just started to happen



David Schwartz

Sorry about that, Janine. I don't know what version of SL you are using (I'm in 360), but when I opened your file and went to publish, it went right to the video option.

Can you post a screenshot of the folder that is created after you publish, or send the zip file of the folder? That might help to see what is happening.

Katie Riggio

Thanks for working through this with us, Janine!

It looks like you may be publishing in Storyline 2. If so, could you let me know what update you're on? To find this detail, go to the Help tab > About Storyline.

I gave your file a publish with the same settings on Update 13 where I'm unable to reproduce the missing imsmanfiest.xml file behavior. Here's a quick Peek of what I'm seeing. Have no fear, as we'll get to the bottom of this mystery! 🕵️‍♀️

In addition to the Update detail, could you upload the zipped output below to see if it works in your LMS? I'll be standing by!