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I am having a problem publishing a course on my lMS. It says the manifest is not at root directory. I inherited this course from a SME and it was done in Storyline 360. I never had this problem before when I publish in Stroryline 2. Can you help? Also the files look different in 360 I did manage to successfully publish one but it had no audio.



Vin Santilli, Brigham and Womens' Hospital

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Vincent Santilli


That sounds great. What file exactly did you upload. I know that there were a number of files. Also were you able to hear audio?



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Vincent - I uploaded this file as it was a zipped output file: 3.87 MB

If audio should be throughout, then no I must not have any audio.

Do you have the actual .story file for me to take a look at? 

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