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Isabella Rosati

Hi Brian,

My issue is: my client asked me to separated the 5 modules that I have in my course.

I have made the 5 ones in just one scene, and I thought that if I separated the modules by scenes, it would show in my client's plataform (that's what she needs, that the modules appears separated in hers plataform).

But, my manifest only shows one course, even if I change the modules. I am sure that while this item in manifest shows just one, it wont shows the separated modules in my client's plataform.

Am I right?

Brian Allen

Without seeing your course it's impossible to get into specifics, but here's the basics:

  1. When I publish my course for LMSĀ from Storyline, regardless of how many scenes, slides, menu or no menu, the imsmanifest.xml will be set up to import into your LMS as a single learning activity.
  2. To create multiple activities/modules for your client's LMS, it sounds like you will need to split your .story file into 5 versions, one for each scene, publish each of them for SCORM, then send your client the 5 SCORM packages.

Hope this helps,