Manipulating SL Photo Characters - strangenss...

Jan 25, 2013


I may be missing something here - but here's a stump-worthy question for a Friday afternoon...

Let's imagine I insert character - Dave, looking to left - surprised.

Hello Dave - there he is now...!

He comes in as 270 x 198..

Now - I need him  to face to the right - so I grab him by the left handle, (illegal in many US States...), and "reverse" the image. Here's the thing....

He doesn't keep Aspect Ratio - the new size is still 270 in height, but only 194 in width.

This seems like a bit of unusual Friday strangeness to me, and ideas or sensible reasons for this?


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Bruce Graham

Mike - I think I am!

Look at the attached video, you will see what I mean.

If you change the dimensions using the numeric entries, the ratio seems to automatically change, unless I am doing something REALLY dumb.

Have never used the "Rotation" tool - this is always the way I flip images. Maybe I just need to change that?


Mike Enders


Here's another response from our tech peeps....

"Lock aspect ratio" is enabled by default on characters (see Size and Position window). So, when you change the width or height using the the pixel measurements, the other dimension changes accordingly (whether you use the Character Tools or the Size and Position window). However, Bruce is manually dragging the left sizing handle to resize (or flip). To maintain aspect ratio when using the sizing handles, he'd need to use one of the corners. 

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