Manual score in Storyline


I'm currently working with a course that is currently set to track progress and completion via the option ' Track using number of slides viewed.'  Is there a way that I can obtain a completion status with that option and push out a score to my LMS (ex: 100% for completion) alongside with the completion status? 


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John Xiong

Recently I have found the post mentioned in the link:

Has there been any updates or potential variables that can be created and assigned values without the uses of the result slide or quizzes?


Crystal Horn

Hi there, John!  If you're not using a quiz result to track, there won't be a way to force the 100% score.

Maybe you can trick the system though!  😎On the last two slides the learner needs to see, you can use a quiz and results slide combo to send the score to the LMS.  The quiz slide can look however you want, with the quiz elements off the stage.  Create a trigger that selects the correct answer when the timeline starts, and disable feedback. 

The next slide, technically a results slide, can also look however you want.  As long as it is set up to track the quiz slide and retains the trigger to submit the results, it'll send the score to the LMS.  Your learner will have seen all the slides they need to, and they'll get a 100% for a score without even knowing it!

I hope that helps.  Inviting other ideas too!