Manually add "allow one item per target" in a free form pick one slide?

Hi all-  I have a client who wants a drag & drop interaction where a target has more than one item to be dragged to it.  I searched the archives and found a brilliant hack where one uses the freeform Pick One question type to allow this feature. 

However, my problem arises on the second attempt when the learner tries to fix any incorrect choices.  When one tries to switch answers, rather than kicking the previous, wrong answer out of the target, the new choice just gets placed on top of the previous answer.  I need to find a way to manually create the "allow one item per target" that is used in a traditional D&D interaction. 

I've attached my story so you can get the gist of it.

Thanks in advance for any help! 


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Joni!

Thanks for sharing your file and allowing us to take a look. It certainly is working as designed with the set-up that you have.

I changed the attempts on the actual question to only 1 so that I could control with variables.

I added a variable for the Attempts, simply to drive the Try Again layer that it looked like you wanted.

To reset the slide, simply Jump back to the same slide - since you had the properties set to reset to initial state already :) You were so close!

Check out your updated file.

Joni Grove

Thank you, Leslie!  This would be perfect but I don't want the slide to reset totally- I, or rather the client, wants all of the answers to remain on the next attempt and then just move the wrong ones around.  I think I found a way to do it using Motion paths and a move trigger but now I'm struggling with the correct/incorrect buttons not selecting properly.  Always something!  Thank you again for your help!


Samantha Geib

In both story files posted above, the user can still stack multiple answers into a single target on any attempt. I'm in the same boat - I used the freeform pick one question workaround to allow for multiple drop targets which works great, except I don't want the user to be able to stack answers on top of one another in a single target. I'm only allowing one attempt. Using the project posted above, how can this be prevented manually? 

Anna Bearne

Update: Walt's solution works great, except that I had to write over 50 triggers to build this page, which is messy and time-consuming.

This could all be avoided if Storyline had the option to specify 2 correct targets for one draggable object in D&D interactions (so the 'pick one' workaround wasn't necessary). OR the option to only allow one item per target when using the workaround.