Manually editing in Spelling dialog changes font for entire textbo

Is this a known bug?  Is there no way to manually edit in the Spelling dialog?

Steps to reproduce this bug.

  • Create a textbox in a slide.  Set the font to Arial.  Write the word Whitepapers.
  • Click Spelling or F7.
  • In the Spelling: English dialog box, you can’t find “white papers” in the Suggestions: box.  In the Not in dictionary box, place your cursor in the word white|papers and click. 
  • Type a space.
  • Notice the buttons in the dialog change.  You can click Undo Edit or Change. Click Change.
  • Notice that your entire textbox is now a different font.  In my case, it changed to Tahoma 9.5.

In this project, Tahoma is not one of the project fonts.  I'm using the Clean theme. 

Any ideas why this is happening?  Should I just avoid making manual changes in the Spelling dialog?


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