Manually editing paths on HTML5 output: any other options?

I'm working with a client using both SWF and HTML5 output for a set of courses built in Storyline.

The client isn't using a third-party LMS, but is emulating some basic LMS functionality on their server, where members must login to a private area to see and take courses. The last screen of each course I build in Storyline includes a call to a JavaScript function that the client is using  to mark that course as complete in their database.

But even though the course output works well in a basic install on my test server, with both web clients and mobile devices accessing it, the way it is placed within the client site requires that I edit the JavaScript in several files to show the full path to each Storyline asset on my client's server.

For example, here is line 124 of story.html:

Was: var g_strSwfFile = "story.swf";
After editing: var g_strSwfFile = "/elearning/[coursename]/[lang]/story.swf";

where [coursename] and [lang] change with each course.

All is well with the web output after hand editing, but the HTML5 output still fails.

Question 1) Is there any way of changing the way paths are written during publishing instead of  hand editing the code after publishing?

Question 2) We are trying to figure out how fonts.js is being used. I can't find any calls to that file at all in the other files. My client thinks that the call ppFonts(a) on line 996 of storyline_compiled.js is actually using the fonts.js file as an argument, using a as the variable. If so, where can I assign the correct string to a (that is, the full path to fonts.js?I can't find any explicit call to fonts.js in the file, even after I beautify it.

Thanks! I'm really hoping someone at Articulate can clarify things for me.

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