manually move user to next slide

Does anyone know of an LMS or a way to manually move a user to the next slide with a restricted menu? We have some older scorms and students get stuck occasionally if a variable next fails or a quiz gets them stuck in a slide, so they have no way to advance. My current LMS doesn't have this function and usually the suspend data is garbled so I can't adjust (which usually doesn't work either). 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Julie!

To clarify, are you looking for a way to auto-advance the Storyline slide using a feature within an LMS, as opposed to adding a 'Jump to slide...' trigger within Storyline? I am not familiar with an LMS that has this kind of feature, so hopefully your fellow community members can chime in and assist. :)

Alyssa Gomez

Ah, I see. If you have a 'Jump to next slide...' trigger that isn't working as it should, you're more than welcome to share that file with our Support Engineers for further troubleshooting (given you have access to the original project file). Better to solve the root of the problem in the file than to use a workaround in the LMS. :)