Many Small Problems!

Hello community!  First, I'm so grateful for you all! 

I've created a large emodule (21 slides) and it has several small problems. 

  • Resume saved states on revisit aren't working (for instance, triggers to hide next button, at timeline start, then to Normal after .5 seconds) 
  • Tabs interaction, and base layer - one of the tab layers isn't behaving.  (Cannot adjust the timeline of the base layer - and if the learner clicks the the correct tab too quickly, the next button will not jump to the next slide. I'm sure this is creator error, but I've been working for a week to ferret it out with little success.
  • Drag/Drop activity  - not lining up with the image so I changed it to "free" placement - but would prefer that it makes an evenly spaced visual.

Would one of our heroes mind taking a look at my module and helping me with the problems?

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