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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Darren,

Thanks for reaching out! To get both completion and success statuses in your LMS, you may need to choose a specific reporting option and LMS standard when you publish. And each LMS can interpret statuses differently, so we put together this article to describe your best options for getting both statuses in your LMS.

Darren McNeill


sorry I have been too busy to get back. Thanks for the link. however, there are only your recommendations and no explanation of each of the following:

  • Passed/Incomplete
  • Passed/Failed
  • Completed/Incomplete
  • Completed/Failed

It would be useful to have an explanation of each option, what it does and what it means and examples of each in use so we can understand hem better?

For example what is the difference between Passed/Incomplete and Completed/Failed ?

Lauren Connelly

Hi Darren!

Great question! The completion status monitors when learners finish a course. The completion status is either Complete or Incomplete.

The success status monitors how learners perform. Did they master or satisfy the course requirement? That is, did they view a certain number of slides, finish a quiz or trigger completion? The success status is usually Passed or Failed, though it can also be Unknown.

Storyline and Studio courses automatically send status updates to your LMS. The status values you see in your LMS depend on the reporting option and LMS standard you choose and how your LMS interprets statuses.

Darren McNeill

Hi, thanks for the information. This is actually the issue we are facing. We want users to be able to complete the course (slides) and mark as complete but also show pass or fail of a quiz in the course. The report should show complete and Passed or Complete and failed for example but we are struggling to get either Storyline or Rise to do so. Using Scorm 2004 should allow this but we cannot get it to work. In Rise for example we used a Storyline block with a simple Agree or disagree (True/False)  question, This block in put into Rise at the end of the module so we want the users to be marked complete for the Rise course, but also Pass Fail for the Storyline block question. Setting the Rise course to complete based on the Storyline block does not work. If someone has a process to achieve this it would be great.


Ren Gomez

Hi Darren,

Thanks for the follow-up! I tested a Rise course using a Storyline Block to track completion and added a single True/False question with a results slide.

I failed the quiz, and these were my results in SCORM Cloud:

It looks like I was able to get both a Complete and Failed status. You may want to try testing your course in SCORM Cloud as well! If you get the same results, then I'd follow up with your LMS so they can help troubleshoot.

If your course fails to report both statuses, share your file with our support team to lend a hand!