Mark Text Visited (gray) After Learners Visit Other Slides -- Custom Menu

Hi all,

My client wanted a custom menu in a course instead of the standard bar on the left. This menu get accessed via a button that is on all slides/screens at any given time, but isn't necessary to view.

My client would like the sections on the menu (titles) to appear GRAY after a user has visited a particular slide in the course. Not necessarily by clicking them on this Menu. Just the visit that pertains to that section.

Is there a way in Storyline to make a text item on the menu change to "visited" after a user clicks a completely different slide in a course? How could the two link?

Thanks for any advice!



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Matthew Bibby

Sure. You need a T/F variable for each section (e.g. Section1Complete) that is False by default and gets changed to True when the section is completed.

Then, on your menu, you need a trigger that changes the state of the menu item when that variable is True when the timeline starts.

Does that make sense?