Marker Audio Not Working for Preview or Publish


We have created a series of courses in Storyline2 that each have a Tutorial slide. The Tutorial slide contains 9 Markers, each Marker with audio and a caption to describe various aspects of navigation of the Storyline framework (Menu, Closed Caption, Volume, etc.). All of the courses were published by the end of December 2014, or the first week of January 2015. The Tutorial marker audio plays fine for each of these published courses. 

We are now duplicating the courses and making shortened versions of them. Each still includes the Tutorial. Because the files are duplicates, the audio is still in place for the Tutorial markers. But when we try to preview or publish, the audio is not playing for the Tutorial markers. No other audio is affected.

I've read that this may happen, but the workarounds either don't apply to our needs, or are a hassle.

Why does this work for the courses that we created a month ago, but not now? Any help/suggestions are appreciated.

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Ashley Terwilliger


Yes, as that article shows - it's been reported to our QA Team for review. I've heard from a few users that on a previous update of SL2 (I believe Update 2) it worked ok for them, but after Update 3 they ran into the problem. I'll include this thread in the report filed with our QA team so that I can share any additional information and updates here. 

Jennifer Ritter

Have you looked at page 2 of this thread by any chance? 

I posted a work around there that's pretty easy to implement and replicates the text and audio functions of a functional marker.

LDI  Graphics

Jennifer, thanks for the info. I did see this info posted by someone else (great minds think alike). This looks like a good solution for most. Our base layer, though, is two buttons: one to view the tutorial, the other to skip it. The actual tutorial is on a layer, so if we add audio layers, they either block the Tutorial layer, or will only show the base layer. We don't want to  redesign the Tutorial slide, as we already have 10 published courses with our original design. We'll keep working on it. Thanks for your input.