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Richard Karel

Sure--you could try creating a rollover effect with a button that displays your text description.   Re-create the circle with the "i" in it and edit states to add the pre-built hover state.  In the hover state place your text description.  Just use the hover state and no other state. Do you need the title feature of the marker? You just had an asterisk in it. If yes, then add title to your text description.  This may be a simple solution.

Amaia Quesada


Today I do see the description of the file I sent. Weird becasue I could not yesterday. I do not understand.

I am looking at my original file and the markers work in some of the scenes but not in others. This is very strange. Also, this never happened in my previous projects and when I open one of those, they show title and description as they should. I cannot share the project publicly because it's only internal for my organization but if you have a way for me to upload my project privately, I will be happy to do that.

Who should I contact to suggest that Articulate should have customer service not just at North American daytime?



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amaia,

You're welcome to share your file here privately and our Support engineers work 24/7.  Only in the forums are the community moderators (such as myself) in north america and therefore work standard East Coast 9-5 pm hours. 

Please let me know once you send it along and I can follow along in your case as well.