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Nov 08, 2013

Is there a way to make a marker caption close with the marker? The only way I've found to close a marker's caption is to click another marker. So, the last marker's caption remains displayed on the slide.  Has anyone encountered this and found a workaround? The marker itself closes after the specified duration, but the text remains. I've tried removing marker animation, but the caption isn't affected either way.

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Julia Koller

Hi Efleda,

On the Format Tab, in Marker Options, there is checkbox for "Show All on Hover". I'm not quite clear on the problem your having, but this may change the behavior to what you are looking for... When the user hovers over the Marker, the caption will expand. When they move their mouse off, it will automatically close. Is that what you're trying to achieve?

Efleda Brophy

Thank you, Julia, for your help.

We were not using hover but click for the user interface. In other words, as the markers appear we click them and the captions appear. Unlike hover, we don't have to keep the mouse on the marker to keep the caption displayed. The down-side is, with a click, the caption remains displayed, and not even specifying a duration for its display will close the caption (only the marker closes).

Your solution gives us the desired end result--the closing of the caption. We will have to introduce the "hover" interface and replace the use of the "click" interface with the markers.

I appreciate your prompt response. Thanks again.

Efleda Brophy

Thanks, Leslie . . . I tried changing the animation to Very Fast and to No animation (see attachments), but to no visible effect on the marker text. They still remain displayed longer than the markers. Does it not make sense to expect both the marker and the marker text or captions to disappear at the same time rather than having one disappear before the other, or not disappear unless you click another marker? Perhaps, Storyline just is not meant to work with clicking markers, but only hovering over the markers? It just doesn't look right when the marker closes leaving the text still open.

Thanks for your suggestion.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Efleda,

I believe this is designed Storyline behavior that the marker doesn't close until you've clicked on the same marker or a new marker. Since you have the markers set to appear/disappear at particular points on the timeline, the markers themselves are disappearing but not the text, which is the odd part.  I also tried having the items disappear based on states (not their length on the timeline) and the caption text still stayed until I clicked on a new marker or anywhere else on the screen, so with that in mind you could set the state to change (have the marker disappear) when they click on the next marker, which would automatically also close the caption text. 

Mary Ann Ahearn

I've found another odd behavior with markers interacting with buttons and layers which you can see in the attached document.

This very simple example has a marker on the base layer along with buttons each with a click trigger to show a layer and hide everything on the base layer. The buttons in the example only have normal states for simplicity and are as follows:

  1. a simple rectangle
  2. a rectangle with a check mark on top
  3. rectangle with a check mark off to the side

If  you click on the marker, leave it open, and then click on button #1, the marker closes as the layer comes up and all is well.

If your marker is open and you click on either of the other buttons, the marker doesn't close, the layer comes up and the marker text is still visible wherein lies the problem. Seems like storyline doesn't know it's still visible and so never hides it when the new layer appears.

I'm not sure if marker documentation states that a click anywhere on the screen closes the marker, but that's in fact how it works except in this case. My concern is if a user doesn't explicitly close the marker and hits one of these more complex buttons, he sees a screen that clearly looks buggy. This example is silly, but if you build a button you really like with several shapes and states, it's very sad.


Mary Ann

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