Marker formatting

Feb 08, 2019

I recently updated Storyline 360 (now on Build 3.24.17733.0) and something odd happened to one of my markers that I frequently use. The color of markers (with a number icon) seems to have a very dark shading when previewing and publishing. It only appears to be with markers that use the number icon. I have attached a few pics of what I am seeing. Image 1 is what it looks like when editing, image 2 is what it looks like when previewing or publishing. Is anyone else having these issues? Can anyone from Articulate comment as to if this is a known bug? I would like to pass this info along to the content creators I work with to let them know if this is going to be an issue. Thanks!

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Jeremy Larson

Thank you for reporting this as a software bug.

I might be able to use a different marker style. However, I would rather keep using the existing marker as that has been in our template for the last 6 years and is included in hundreds of existing software simulations. Please keep me posted on when you believe this issue may be resolved. Thank you!

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