Marker in menue or in another slide

Hi, I have a question related to showing the results of a quiz.

I have a course with eight chapters. At the end of every chapter there is a quiz. If the user passes the quiz, he should get a marker somewhere in the course, so that the user keeps the overview of which chapter is already passed.

I have these questions:
1. Is it possible to set a marker in the menue after passing a chapter successful?
2. Is it possible to set a marker in a "normal" slide, which looks like some Kind of a "result-overview-sheet"?

Best regards


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Martin

what about having a list of the chapters on another slide that the user can click a button and view as a lightbox which shows their progress.  Without seeing your setup I could probably mockup what I mean if that's any help - otherwise if you want to upload a portion of your story file with say the first two chapters with the quizzes I try and help you.