Marker labels collapse in HTML5 , unlike in Flash

Why can't maker captions behave the same in Flash and HTML5?

I have a course with markers that provide mouse-over details on interface elements. For a deeper dive a "more"  hyperlink opens a lightbox. This works great in the flash version, but on HTML5 the marker captions collapse as soon as you move the mouse off the marker. Since Apple is a client, publishing to just Flash is not an option. 

I know I can add another button, or even make the highlight rounded rectangle open the lightbox, but real estate is at premium. (I stripped most of the markers out of the troubleshooting file. You will have to take my word for it.)

I have tried the Show All on Hover setting. No joy. 

I've attached the .story to show what I mean. It is stripped of proprietary images. You will have to use your imagination. 

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Emily Ruby

Hi Jerry,

Thanks for sharing your file. I published it, and it seems to be working as designed. When you hover over the marker, the Title field will appear, but disappear when you hover off of it. 

One thing you can do, is add text into the Description part of the marker label, then click on the marker when hovering. This will then open the text and you can click inside to the hyperlink. You can test this HTML5 version here (the marker on the left is the one you need to click.)