Marker opacity

Mar 15, 2016

Hi there,

I am adding markers to several different layers in Storyline 2. All of the layers need to show, so they are set to not hide other layers. When I click on the markers, sometimes the marker text box appears on top, and sometimes other layer text shows through. I have tried changing the order of the layers, and I have tried changing the background of the marker text box. I have even tried using the format painter, copying from one that is working correctly to one that is not, but that tends to break all of them. What am I doing wrong??

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Tracy -- We appreciate the update, and as it could help others in the future, could you please pass along a few details of the workaround that did the trick for you?

And if you'd like to share in the future, it is most helpful if you can upload the .story (or source) file, as that way, we can publish on our own machines to help determine where a disconnect may be taking place, etc. :)

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