Marker's Callout

Apr 20, 2016

Hi everybody :)

I am working on a module where I am using markers. I need the callouts of markers to be static means the callout should appear with marker without user's click or hovering. Is it possible?

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Walt Hamilton

The nature of markers is that they provide information only when the user wants, and then a second, more in-depth version, but all at the users discretion.  If you want something that does not need user input, then you need to put the information on an object like a text box, a layer or a shape (in order of my preference) that shows at a specific time in the timeline.

Megha Saxena

Hi Walt,

thanks for the reply. This is what I was looking for. If we could have this feature for markers, my life would be easy one. Sometimes in a course we may use many markers and require static text boxes for each of them and for that we invest much time to format and position. If we had this feature we could have saved a lot more time. 

Crystal Horn

Hey Megha-  just a thought.  We have a nice cache of icon downloads that you can take advantage of...maybe that little icon image in combination with inserting a caption shape might create the effect you'd like.

But still, we always appreciate hearing what customers need to build great projects, so please feel free to submit a feature request!

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