Marker Text Boxes Self Formatting

Hi All, 

I am getting slightly frustrated with the comments section of my markers. In the last 24 hours, any time I click on the text after I initially enter it results in the second and subsequent lines automatically indenting, and it applies a grey background to the comments section only.

None of the marker tool setting change, I cannot 'un-highlight' the text and if I remove the indent it simply reapplies itself.

Any suggestions? Screenshot attached for reference

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Michael Marcos

Hi Kelly,

What you are experiencing is definitely disruptive and can get pretty frustrating. I've encountered similar problems with other desktop applications. I've tried simulating  your output in Storyline, and so far it looks like I can do it by triple clicking inside the comments, this will highlight everything.  I cannot find a way to replicate the auto-indent though. 

A couple of things do come to mind with respect to my previous experiences. 

- A Faulty Mouse: The mouse in use is probably sending more than 1 click resulting in the auto-highlight issue. I would try to disconnect the mouse and use the track pad (on laptops), or a different mouse to isolate the issue if you are on a desktop. You could also try using a different USB port altogether.

- Sticky Keys: On windows, inadvertently enabling sticky keys can wreak havoc with your progress, specially if you're working on text. You can turn them off via the accessibility options in the control panel.

If either of those don't work out, would you mind sharing the Operating System and Hardware you are using?

You mentioned that it happens when using markers, so I'm assuming only that part of Storyline is affected, if not, try to replicate the problem with just using a simple text box on a blank slide. If you can replicate the problem using Text Boxes, try using a different program altogether like Wordpad (Windows), or TextEdit (Mac). 

Good luck!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kelly, 

Some interesting suggestions from Michael above, and ones I haven't seen before, so keep us posted if that helps! 

Also, I'd want to know if you're seeing this each and every time you edit a marker or only randomly? Can you take a look at the best practices here and make sure you're following along with those guidelines too? 

Also, if you want to share one of your .story files here I'm also happy to take a look!

Kelly Taylor

Thank you both,

Michael, yes it is only  the markers. I will be sourcing another mouse today to test these theories out. Sadly my desktop doesn't have a track pad or I'd give that a red hot crack (though I personally find they create more problems than the solve)

Ashley all those 'best practice' guidelines are up and running as business as usual within our office (we've experienced one too many file headaches to not have these standards in place for all projects no matter what the development platform).

I will let you know if I continue to have this issue or if the solution has been provided :)