Marker Text - Copy/Paste from .pdf files...


I have a lot of 2/3 slide courses where each course looks at a wallchart/cleaning chart that already exists in an organisation.

When I cut and paste from .pdf to Markers, very often, lumps of text get left out or are blank - specifically when there is a letter "F" involved (!).

Anyone else had any experience like this?

Yours weirdly


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Bruce Graham

Nancy Woinoski said:

I don't know Bruce -do you REALLY need all the letters? It seems perfectly obvious to me that the word in your example is Floor.

I wonder if it is an issue with fonts - copying from a PDF that is using a font that you don't have.

I think Nancy is ono somethng here. If I leav some of the ltters out then the course will also eventualy be a lt smallr and save on resorces.


Definitly a "Top Tip" from Nncy Woinski!