Marker Title and Default Text Size

Hey all. I'm inserting some numbered markers and I want all the text in the labels to be 16pt Calibri for the titles, and 12pt Calibri for the body. How can I set it for all at the same time? Is there a way to create a default marker, copy and paste it, and then change the number on the marker? Or do I do it a different way?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jim!

When you insert a marker and enter text in its label, the fonts used for the title and description default to your project's theme fonts. If you want to use a different font, you can use the font selector on the Home tab to modify an individual label, or customize your theme fonts to change all the labels in your course at the same time.

Here's a time-saving tip to make all your markers and labels look the same. Format your first marker the way you want it, then set it as the default. New markers in the same project will inherit the same characteristics.

To set a marker as the default marker style, just right-click it and choose Set as Default Marker.

Check out this tutorial if you need further assistance.

Koen Smedts


I'm also struggling with changing the marker text style. I have already changed the theme fonts to Arial (heading) and Arial Unicode (body) and apply it to all slides. This doesn't change the font and font size inside the marker. 

When i'm changing it manually and right-click and choose "Set as Default Marker" only the marker color change but not the font and font size inside the marker.

Also the format painter does not copy the font and font size.

Is there any other why that i do not change manually the font each time?




Crystal Horn

Hello, Keon.  Thanks for the helpful information about how you're working with marker text.  Are you using Storyline 2 or Storyline 360?  Storyline 2 marker text behaves slightly differently than 360, which is why I'm asking.

In Storyline 2, if you have not changed the default size of the marker text (Heading - 10, Body - 8), when you change your theme font in the Design tab, your marker title and body should also be changed.  If you have changed the size of your marker text, the font change will not apply to that marker.  

In Storyline 360, you can change the size of the marker body text, and the theme font will apply to that marker.  Here's a Peek screencast to better illustrate the difference I'm seeing.

To answer your question, if you are using Storyline 2, you'll want to change your theme font before changing the text size.  You're right that the markers will always initially have the defaulted text size, even if you choose a marker to set as the default marker style.  If you create a marker that you like, you should be able to copy the actual marker and paste it in multiple times.  You can then edit the icon and the text of those subsequent markers to have their own content.

I'm going to discuss with my team the intended behavior of the font and size changes since there is a difference between Storyline 2 and 360.  I'll try to nail down if the behavior that you would like (creating a default marker that respects icon, font and text size) is expected behavior already, or if it could be a feature that we develop in the future.  I'll update this discussion thread what what I find out!

In the meantime, I hope the copy/paste workaround is helpful for you to standardize your markers.