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Anna Liu

Hi Megan,

A little bit of adjustment did the trick! But I'm under the assumption that you do not intend to cover any part of the Hotel Manager's face so I proceeded to click on the Marker Button -> Marker Tools Tab -> Format -> Arrange and Align -> clicked Align Bottom (). Finally, re-adjusted the text box just below the chin of the lady. Afterwards, all the text were properly shown.

I also did this to Marker 2 on Laptop Zoom layer to ensure consistency in positioning.

Hope this helps!

Anna Liu

Hi Meghan,

You may view this updated .story file and kindly let me know if this works on your end.

In addition, wouldn't hurt to have the latest Storyline 360 version (Build 3.15.15581.0) installed since update just takes a few minutes - if in case you haven't installed the latest one yet :)