Markers and hotspots

May 13, 2020


I have some slides with a marker, a video and a hotspot.  What I want to happen, is that the viewer should click on the marker, that starts the video which is essentially a screenshot with a flashing rectangle, indicating that they should click on it. The  hotspot is on top of the rectangle. Layers are, from bottom to top, video, marker and hotspot. So what I want to happen is the viewer clicks on the marker which starts the video. They should then click on the hotspot. However, the hotspot is not working, and it seems to be because the marker text is still open. When the marker is clicked again, the text closes and the hotspot works. How can I configure the slides so that either the marker loses focus after a couple of seconds, or the hotspot otherwise works? This is creating a lot of confusion because the viewer is clicking and clicking on the flashing area of the screen but nothing is happening... 

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