Markers in html5

According to Storyline product support, html5 will not support the animations associated with markers on Mobile Safari - presumably because the animations use Flash.

My question is: does that mean that the markers will still display content on click, or not? I don't have access to an iPad to test this, and was wondering what your experience has been.

My plan is to create courses that can actually run across platforms (but not using the mobile app because our LMS does not support Tin Can and so we can't track using the mobile app). Want to know if I can use markers at all or should substitute layers. Thanks!

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Leslie Shapiro

Beautiful. Thanks!

Peter - I see that you are staff. Can you pass along word that I think the support page here might need an update (in light of the fixes in the latest patch 12/14? Custom tabs, etc. should now work in mobile Safari, and so forth?)

And this page too.

Is it still true that the mobile app will not track on LMSs?  Or was that actually fixed in this update or the previous one? My testers seem to be getting contradictory results...and our LMS doesn't support Tin Can...yet one of them claims to have gotten a completion!

Peter Anderson

Hey Leslie, 

Thanks for writing back. The output comparison matrix and other KBs have in fact been updated to include the new features in Update 2. As you'll notice, the custom tabs player feature has been added for HTML5, but not for the Articulate Mobile Player app.

As for LMS tracking and reporting, HTML5 will allow it, whereas the Mobile Player app will only track and report if you enabled Tin Can and your LMS supports it. More on LMS tracking and reporting on iPad can be found here

Can you tell me more about the user who is reporting completion through the Mobile Player app? Thanks!

Leslie Shapiro


Good to know. I'm trying to figure out the best ways to publish and what to avoid, so having those pages up to date is a huge help!

One of my contractors has an iPad and she reported being able to complete using the mobile app...but based on what you are saying I'll have her double check. Maybe she was actually using mobile Safari and didn't realize it. Thanks again!