markers not working when grouped

Oct 04, 2014

I am trying to place a marker in a group so it can be part of a drag and drop activity.

Does anyone know why markers don't work properly in a group...the information box displays in top left of screen irrespective of where the marker group actually is on the screen. It's very frustrating. Any help greatly appreciated.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Chris

what version of SL are you using?  I just tried what I think you are trying to do in SL2 and it appears to work for me.

I created 2 markers and grouped them together.  I created two dropzones.

I then dragged the 2 markers to the correct dropzone and dropped.  Depending on where you click 'the grouping' — the information box for that marker is revealed and moves with them?

Maybe I'm not understanding your question.

Do you want to upload the slide with your interaction and we can take a look?


Chris Pim

Most up to date version 1

I think it was working - but now grouping markers together or even a marker and a shape does not work - even without drag/drop interaction the markers are not working....the text field displays almost off the slide...or in the top left portion of the slide. I am wondering if the version of storyline has become corrupted?

Wendy Farmer

Hi Chris,

I had tested in SL2 and it worked fine.  I have tested your file in SL1.6 and you're right it doesn't work.  You may need to log a support call.

If they are not grouped you are able to move where the marker text box appears by grabbing a point on the information box and moving it / or resizing move it - click the information box until you get the four header arrow, then swing it side to side or where you want it positioned.  To resize just grab one of the corner points and move in and out till its the size you want.  if you have resized it too small for the amount of text you may get an arrow or scroll bar to let you know.

Sorry I couldn't help

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chris,

Thanks for sharing the file here - and I do see that it's been reported to our QA team for additional review in Storyline 1, update 6. As Wendy mentioned it works as expected in Storyline 2. 

I'll add this thread to the existing report filed with our QA team so that they're aware of another user who is being impacted. I don't have any additional information to share in regards to a fix, and it seems the current workaround is to ungroup the objects. 

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