Markers showing content when hovered over vs. remaining until next click

I am using markers on two screens. 

On the first screen, when I click on the marker, the content remains visible when I click on the marker. The content stays visible until I click somewhere else on the screen. I like how this works, but I can't do it on a second screen where I use markers.

Usually when I add a marker, the content only displays when I hover over the marker. Even if I click on the maker and change the state, it only shows the content when I hover over the marker.

Where is the control to make it work like on the first screen?

I will attach the two screens I'm talking about, and any advice on how to make it work like on the first screen would be greatly appreciated. It's driving me crazy.



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Alyssa Gomez

Hey, George! Thanks for sharing your file with me.

Here's how markers and their labels behave by default:

  • Hover: When you hover over a marker, only the title of the label appears. It'll automatically disappear when you're no longer hovering over the marker.
  • Click: When you click a marker, the entire label appears. It'll disappear only when you click the marker again or when you click anywhere outside the label.

On slide 1, you have markers that contain text in the Title area and the Description area. On slide 2, the text is only in the title area. You'll want to add the text to the description area so that the caption will remain on the slide when the marker is clicked.

I hope that helps!