Markers showing incorrect image

I have a module I'm working on that has multiple markers on a slide. Each marker has a different picture inside of it that you can zoom in on. When I'm editing the file, the images show fine. However when I publish/preview the file, it's showing the incorrect image until you click to zoom. I've attached a video of what's happening. I did create the markers by copying and pasting the first one, so I think that's what caused the issue. But I was looking for a way to fix this without deleting all the markers and starting over. Help!

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Khrystal San Diego

Hi Bailey,

Found these threads (Marker Image Issue 1 and Marker Image Issue 2) wherein community members raised a similar issue. What you're thinking is right since the behavior that you encountered is expected when you tried duplicating the markers (especially a marker with an issue already).

Unfortunately, based on this discussion, the only suggested workaround for now is to delete and rebuild all the markers.

In addition, can you please confirm if you'll be able to replicate the issue when creating a new marker without duplicating? If yes, you may reach out to the Support Engineers by submitting a case thru this link so that they can help you fix the issue by investigating what's happening.

I hope this helps and good luck on your project!