Markers, the Next button, and revisitng a slide

I am using markers and their text boxes, in the hover mode. When the learner arrives on a slide, the Next button is disabled. I want learners to view every marker before the Next button is enabled. I have this coding okay using off screen objects. However, I want the learned to arrive at a slide, activate all the markers, go to the next slide, and if they revisit the first slide, not have to re-activate the markers in order to proceed. I thought I had a solution, but the Next button does not display as disabled for the first time in every slide. I am sure there is a little goober hiding in the coding, but I could use some insight on how to accomplish this.

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Rick Sell

Okay, talked with a coworker about this and here is the scoop. The course has 5 scenes. In one of them, I set a variable, Visited, to false. It would change to true when the used clicked the Next button. This process would go on in three of the scenes. Being not well versed using variables, I named all of the variables "Visited" throughout. This meant that the first time I clicked the Next button, the variables in the entire course changed. Of course, what I needed to do was name each instance differently. So, lesson learned.

Ali Goulet

Hey Rick!

Thanks for keeping us posted here with those updates. Great job working through that! 

It sounds like you're all set now, but if you're still hitting a snag or two- feel free to share your .story project file here any time! I'm happy to take a look at your setup to help.

Good luck with the rest of your project! ☺️