Markers: unable to use subscript or superscript

Apr 15, 2013

When editing text within markers I'm unable to use the subscript or superscript functions. Luckily for me, so far I've been able to 'fake' subscript using a smaller font size, but now I need options for superscript. 

Does anyone have any ideas for a work around? (Or indeed why I'm unable use subscript/superscript?)



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Hayley. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

It doesn't look like either are supported in marker descriptions. I believe this is by design. However, there may be a workaround that will allow you to show the formatting you'd like to use and still keep a design similar to that of a marker. 

What you could do is remove the fill and outline colors for the description area of the marker, and adjust the size of the description box to the smallest point allowable. Basically, you want to remove everything from the marker description, so the real description doesn't show up. 

Now, create a new layer and use a caption shape, along with a text box to create the look of a marker description pane. You can add the text to the caption itself, but keep in mind if you do this, you'll have the text shadowing. 

For the text, add whatever content you'd like to show, add your super/subscripts to the text. Position everything so that it lines up with the maker. 

Now, you'll want to add some triggers to get this all working. On the marker itself, add a trigger to show the layer that has your content when the user clicks. On the layer, add a trigger that hides the layer when the user clicks outside of the content objects. 

Here's a quick example:

Example for Hayley

I'm also attaching the file, just in case you want to cake a closer look at how I set this up.

Obviously this isn't the quickest method, but you shouldn't have any problems getting the formatting you need to use for your course this way.

If you have any trouble with this, or any questions, just let me know!



Hayley Atkinson

Thanks for this Christine. It seems so simple now that you've suggested it. My only concern is having to alter other markers too, to make them consistent (but hey, this led me to play around with the options, more than I have done in the past, so if it's forced me to explore a little more, then that's not such a bad thing is it?)

Any idea why these functions aren't supported in markers? I can't see any reason why not?

(And thanks for the welcome, it's only my first time posting because I've always found the answers I've needed before!)



Bruce Graham

I have just submitted a Feature Request.

Clever solution but come on Articulate - one year on since release and the Text Editor situation really is becoming a bit ridiculous.

Really should not need a kludge like this to write a date in a 21st Century software product built for people to create training!


Christine Hendrickson

Good morning!

Thanks for sending in that request, Bruce! :)

@Hayley - I wish I could answer that question, but I'm afraid I'm not privy to the development and design details of the software. I totally agree that it seems like something that should be supported in markers. I'm not sure if there was an issue implementing it, or if it was intentional to keep the limitation on the markers. If I find any additional information on this, though, I'll be sure to let you know.

I'm happy that solution works for you! I know it's not ideal, but if you end up with a marker that requires that type of content, hopefully it'll save a little time in the end.

Also, if you haven't already, you may want to follow Bruce's lead and submit a feature request with us. Please be sure to provide as much information as you can, so our development team knows exactly what's going on and what you're wanting to see in a future release of the software. 

You can share feature requests with us using the following form:

Articulate Support > Submit a feature request

I hope you both have a great day! :)

Thanks very much,


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