Marking a course as complete -creeping browser issues?

I have been getting an increasing number of issues with students compling a final quiz and the complete course trigger not passing the completion to the LMS. Has anyone else noticed this?

The completion trigger is on the Success layer that appears based on score in a typical quiz summary slide.

Best, Steve

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Steve!

I'd love to help you out! It sounds like the complete course trigger isn't sending the right information to the LMS. Not to worry, I'll walk you through solving this!

First, we'll need to look into the Publish settings in Storyline 360. I see that you've already added a complete course trigger, so now we need to make sure your course is being tracked using that trigger. To do this, can you look at the Reporting and Tracking options?

Here's what that looks like:

Can you make sure the radio button for Complete Course Trigger is filled?

Next, we want to make sure the LMS is doing its job! We'll head over to SCORM cloud to test the course in the industry-standard testing LMS.

We have the steps listed out on how to publish the course, upload the course, and test the course! Head over to this article!

Now, the last step! Look at how the course was tracked in the Report. If it's behaving properly then there must be something we need to tweak in the LMS you're using.

Keep me updated on your findings!