Marking a module complete when there is no assessment?

HI everyone,

I have designed a module in SL2 with branching scenarios and depending on the choices the learner makes they encounter a set of questions and this goes on. At the end there is a last conclusion scene with 4 slides. 

How do I track this module for completion in the LMS?

1. No. of slides viewed then it wouldnt be accurate as that would be the least minimum.

2. There is no quiz in the sense of getting points.

3. Ideally I want a trigger on the last/2nd last slide to mark completion so that I know they only get complete if they reached the last 4 conclusion slides, no matter which pathway they took. 

Any suggestions would be great. 

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Martin Abildgaard

If I understand your question correctly, you could insert a results slide and set the passing score to 0%.

The users would be directed to the results slide from the conclusion slides that you think should result in "completed", and to a different end slide if they don't "complete". From the results slide, you set a trigger that immediately exits the course, so the user newer sees the slide, but the passing score of 0% is sent to the LMS.