Marking a section complete using variable/condition


I'm making the transition from programming in Flash and actionscript to Storyline, and am having trouble figuring out something that seems simple. I've looked at tutorials for triggers, variables and conditions but can't seem to get this right.

I have a menu with a section button, and a layer with a graphic that indicates that section is completed. The completed layer should show when the user clicks the next button on the last screen of that section. I can't seem to get the variable to change from False to True to make the completed layer visible when the user returns to the menu.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Richard Chasin

Hi Donna,

I placed the trigger on the last screen of the section and set the Next button (goes back to the menu) to change the value of the variable from the default of False to True. (See cap-trigger.jpg)

On the menu I tell the layer to show when the variable changes: Show completion layer when the variable changes.

Am I going about this the wrong way? I guess I'm still thinking in Flash code.


Richard Chasin

Ashley W said:

Are you sure you have it on the right "Next" button?  When you have that dropdown menu, it will show items on the base layer before the the layer you are on, does that make sense?

Yes I think so Ashley, there is only one Next button on the dropdown, and it refers to the button on the player.

Mike Enders


I think the issue is the trigger you're using on the menu slide.  The trigger "when variable changes" is referencing a variable changing when you're on that particular slide.  However, the variable is actually changing at the end of your section.  

So, if you change your trigger on the menu slide to show the layer if the variable = true, it should fire when you get back to the menu slide.