Marking Objectives with a Check upon section complete

I'm creating a Storyline 2 module, and have an Objectives slide with 3 objectives. We want users to explore the 3 in what order they want, and after they complete them, it will add a check mark next to each objective. I'm having trouble getting the check mark to activate when it returns to that main objectives slide. Can anyone help?

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Lori Adams

See the scene - slide 2.2 is the objectives, and there are 2 slides for each section. Have been trying to get the first one to work - acquiring data.


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Christie Pollick

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Jamie Shaw

I had been using Storyline for at least a year before I wanted to achieve exactly what you're trying to.  That prompted me to get to grips with the Variables feature (something I had shied away from).  In short, I approached it exactly the same way that Wendy recommends in her .story sample template.  In addition, I also make it impossible to progress to the Next slide until each of the Objectives linked scenes have been visited.  Good luck!

Erin Sadler

I do this by creating a variable called (e.g.) Section1Complete. Make it false.

On the last slide of your first section, add a trigger to the Next button that changes the variable Section1Complete to TRUE on click - move this ABOVE the trigger to jump back to the menu, else it'll never get chance to happen :)

Back on your menu, add a trigger to your button that changes its state to checked (visited, whatever it is you're using to show the different state) when the timeline starts IF Section1Complete is TRUE.

Rinse and repeat for other sections, being sure to use unique variable names for each.

Lori Adams

Thanks to all that have replied - my apologies for the delay in response, I have been out of the office. I've tried what you've suggested, and I think I've followed it correctly, but it's still not marking complete. I've attached the Storyline file if anyone can take a look at it. I've tried setting it for the Acquire Data section.

Erin Sadler

At first glance it's fine, except the trigger on the menu - change state of checkmark 1 to normal when timeline starts - currently it's on object Checkmark 1.

Change that to slide-1.2 Objectives

The automatic progression is confusing me a bit but I think that's working!

Jim Dougherty

I'm trying to do the same (marking a section completed) and have set up the variables and states exactly as described.  When previewing the project, I complete the first section, but when I get back to the table of contents, Section 1 is NO LONGER VISABLE!!?  If I move to a different screen (either previous or next) and come back, the Section title is now visible, but is in the original (normal) state?  I've been struggling with this for 2 days and I'm ready to tear my hair out!  Can someone shed some light on this for me? 

Sorry, should have mentioned I am using SL2...   :-)

Jim Dougherty

Hi Alyssa! Hi Wendy!

Thanks for your eagerness to help, but I think I have it figured out.  What was driving me nuts is that I knew my variables were working correctly (by inserting reference into a text box as a test), but the States were not changing correctly.  A few errors in the trigger order as well as the "change state" trigger filled out incorrectly seemed to be the culprit.  Nevertheless, I am back on track again and everything is working wonderfully... Thanks again!