Masking sensitive information in screen recordings

Sep 13, 2013


I'm looking for some additional editing techniques for covering information on a screen recording or simulation. I know how to use the Action Fine Tuning and have also added shapes to cover certain areas of the screen. My question is, when the screen moves, like if it scrolls up or down, what's the best way to ensure that those fields stay protected? In some cases, especially in try mode, the info will appear for a second before the shapes catch up with it.

Any suggestions?

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Sarah Bauer

Thanks Ashley. I've seen both of those tutorials. Let me try to describe my issue a little better. I have a "try me" sceen where I used shapes to an address. When the user clicked a certain hotspot, the recording captured the screen moving down to open up additional fields. As the screen moved down with the recording I had trouble getting my shapes to move at the right time so that the address always remained covered. What I ended up doing was making the shapes larger to cover the original location, path, and new location on the screen. It just doesn't look at nice as what I would like it to. Any additional tips?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Sarah for the additional information - depending on how far it's scrolling and how fast, you could create a shape that would appear and disappear on the timeline according to the movement of the screen - it would take a bit more time and finesse in terms of getting it right, but it may be the best option to ensure that everything confidential is covered, but not taking up too much other area of your screen. 

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