MASSIVE difference - Gradient fills Build and Preview/Publish

Dec 12, 2012

Simple really....

I built some gradient slides (image 1), and when Preview/Publish I see image 2 - where the "subtlety" seems to be getting lost completely...

As you can see - not exactly the same.

Also - it has to be said....I created the "Brainstorming" image 1st, then replicated to the other buttons using the format painter - and you can see that the "reflection stripe" in the centre (Stop 3) gets changed in colour, despite the RGB settings being correct.

It seems to PUBLISH correctly, but the subtle gradient from Stop 4 to 5 is completely blatted.

Bug or something else that I have not considered? All rather ironic, as I built them for a Tutorial on how to use Gradient Fills :(



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