Massive LMS/browser compatibility issues - Need help confirming setting please

Hey all,

Getting quite the headache once again trying to figure all these issues out.

As always, I'm currently running the most recent version of SL360 - but this alone is now throwing up memory leaks when trying to output to Scorm and forcing crashes, thus making my day more stressful and not allowing me to get any work finished... that's one issue.

The other issue is that my client is telling me that courses that were working without issues are now screwing up left right and center regardless of what browser is being used; Chrome/firefox/IE/ipad/articulate player etc.

Im well aware that there have been recent updates made to Chrome so right now I am trying to get a verified set of working parameters in place for outputting my courses to LMS for this client.


At present I am using these settings;

  • Scorm 1.2
  • Formats: HTML5 with Flashback and AMP
  • Player: Classic (Player size: Scale to fill browser window)
  • Resume: (On restart: Prompt to resume)
  • Quality (Standard sometimes this is changed to best)
  • Publish: Entire project
  • Reporting and tracking: (LMS reporting: Completed/Incomplete)
    Tracking (Tracked via number of slides)


And this is all the info I have about the LMS that the client has;

Build over Laravel Framework and we are using Angular for Frontend and MySQL for the database

Info from the LMS guy;

The system has nothing to do with the SCORMS output.

The scorms output, the html output needs to be according to the Browser latest updates, If the SCORM developer can check the code of the SCORM files, the output files, which we upload on the system, he will be able to find out the settings or issues due to which the SCORMS are not able to play in the browser

I would say, kindly convey him to check specially the Auto Play settings of the SCORMS


Is there anything anyone can tell me as to if I am doing something wrong with the outputs in terms of having them work on the clients LMS as as far as I have been able to determine I am doing all I can.

I'm constantly playing a game where I am going round in circles and not getting anywhere as my client is adamant that the problem stems from me building the course.

Any info is greatly appreciated!


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Bob O'Donnell

Lots of info Emily, which is good. It would be helpful to explain the specifics about how your other courses are "screwing up". Are they not launching? Throwing up the big "Play" button? Give the details so folks in the forum can help diagnosis it better.

You could always start with the basics and remove the Flash backup and AMP from the publish settings and go straight HTML5, then test the course in something like SCORM Cloud to see if it functions as you intended. If it works there, then you can get the LMS guy to explore that particular system. If your course launches in SCORM Cloud it should work elsewhere.

My Storyline 360 was crashing recently too, but it was totally due to me performing a certain copy function inside the program.

Phil Mayor

As Bob says I would test in scormcloud if works in al browsers push back that it is their LMS.

If you can use Browser stack to check all configurations, if you are using a Mac you can download prebuilt VMs from MS for testing. 

For courses that have stopped working is it specific browsers? If it is all courses and all browsers that points at a change in the LMS rather than the course, do you have to use AMP