Mar 18, 2020

Hey all!

I have 2 kids off school for 4+ weeks, I'm trying to find fun, inventive ways to keep them engaged in learning and I've had an idea that I'd like to turn into a massive online collaboration!

I'd love to get a load of other Instructional Designers (and anyone else interested of course!) to collaborate with me and would love your thoughts/feedback on this idea:

An online scavenger/treasure hunt, where kids (Different options at every stage to scale to ability and age) can be directed to various (safe) websites and told clues on what they need to research and find, then to come back to the SL game where they answer questions, then move onto the next clue until they've visited 'x' number of sites and learnt something at each one and then gain some kind of reward at the end of it all...

Virtual scavenger hunt

Anyone who wants to contribute can decide on a site and build in questions based on where they want the search to lead, and each clue could direct to a totally different genre, maths/nature/geography/history etc for a huge cross section of info.

I've whipped up a quick (WIP) sample of the thing I'm thinking of, you can test out the first couple of slides here;

The more people out there that want to join in on this then the better, everyone is welcome and any contribution will be greatfully recieved!

If you're free to donate some of your time and skills to this then please join our chat group here;

I thought it would be cool to release one hunt at a time and put a little tribute to the author on the page so everyone gets recognition for their wonderful help and time.

Thanks for your time!

Emily :D 

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Madison Bales

Emily, this is beautiful! I came across this looking for scavenger hunt ideas and I am impressed by how you triggered the BBC logo to launch a URL within the course window. What settings did you use to be able to do this? Is this a 360 feature? Or did you use Web Object? (SL3 user here). Good luck on this project!

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