Massively increase video volume in Storyline. Possible?

Hello everybody

I just made  two courses with 70+ videos each and I would like to increase the volume of all the videos.

Is it there any way to massively increase it?

I know how to do that for any single video, by using  the Video Editor and in the Movie Tools panel.

But I would like to do it for all of them in a single operation.

Is it possible? How?

Thanks a lot for saving my time


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stefano bonacina

After a long trial & error phase, I found a solution. It's a tricky one that needs more analysis.

Hope this helps somebody else.

Here's what I did:

- I published the story as a SCORM package

- after publishing, as the "Publish succesful" windows pops up, do not do anything (do not close it !!) . We get back later to it.

- I moved all the video from the output folder (you can find them in the subfolder story_content . I have lots of mp4 videos) to another folder (let's call it orig_videos)

- I used the ffmpeg tool (downloaded from it's a Windows command line tool. You need to download a zip file, unpack it and put the folder somewhere in your folders (I put it in the "C:\Program Files\ffmpeg\")

- I created a dos BAT file (raise_volume.bat), in which I wrote the following content:

for %%a in ("*.*") do "C:\Program Files\ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg" -i "%%a" -vcodec copy -af "volume=+12dB" "..\new_videos\%%a"

That means: for each file in a folder raise its volume by 12dB and put it in the folder "..\new_videos\"

- I then run a command prompt, cd to the folder where I copied the videos and run raise_volume.bat.  All the videos have been copied to the new_videos folder, with their volume raised.

- Went to new_videos, copied all the files and put them in the original story_content folder, created under the SCORM main output  folder.

- Back to the main Storyline windows and click "zip" to pack the SCORM package.

The last operation, the zip done by mean of the Storyline window, it's quite tricky: I tried to do the same operation by zipping with the normal zip but when I loaded the SCORM package onto the LMS it didn't work.

That's why I decided to use the zip made by the Storyline window.

This amazes me: how the storyline zip process differs from a traditional zip ?