Master Complete (Possible with Javascript?)

Jun 21, 2016

We are using Adobe Captivate Prime as our LMS, and at present - Adobe doesn't have the ability to manipulate Complete/Incomplete within its system.

We are brainstorming a way to make this possible. Heres how it would work:

  • Learner completed a course prior to LMS launch
  • Learner provides proof of course completion
  • On slide 1 of module x, a learner completes a trigger (likely a key-combination code) that auto-completes the module and gives learner credit for completion

Is this possible to do with javascript or some other variable/trigger? 

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Jonathan Fortier


Yes, you can set the status in your LMS with this JavaScript completion (as a trigger 'execute javaScript). like this;


If you want to send variable to your LMS, for example a score that would be in a Storyline Variable

// Get storyline variable
var player=GetPlayer();
var jsVar=player.GetVar("YOUR SCORE VARIABLE HERE");

//get LMS API
 var lmsAPI = parent; 

//set score; the jsVar is the score from the articulate variable 
 lmsAPI.SetScore(jsVar, 100, 0);





Mike Clark

Thanks Jonathon, 

Very much a novice when it comes to Javascript.

Found this on another thread, and it appears to work:

//get LMS API var lmsAPI = parent; 
//set score; the first number is the score lmsAPI.SetScore(100, 100, 0);
//set status; possible values: "completed","incomplete", "failed", "passed" SetStatus("passed")

Does it look like it should function how I want? 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Mike -- Thanks for reaching out, and as JavaScript is not something for which we are able to offer support, I am glad to see that Jonathan has stopped in to lend a hand! As you mentioned you are novice with JS, I thoughtI might also stop in to share the following JavaScript Best Practices and Examples in case you find it helpful.  :)

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