Master Layout Problem, Some changes to text placeholders in Layout don't "ripple" to slides

Here is description of my problem:

1)  I create a Layout with several text placeholders.

2) I add a few new slides based on the layout.

3) Placeholders appear on the slides and I can enter text into the placeholders.  The text entered has the font attributes of the placeholders.

4) I change the font color of a placeholder in the layout and the change "ripples" to the text in all of the slides.

5) I change the style of a text placeholder to bold but it does NOT "ripple" to the text in the slides.

6) I try other font attributes (e.g. underline, strike-through, even the Font itself) and they do NOT  "ripple".

7) I change the font size and it DOES "ripple"

Very frustrating.  Is this a bug or user error?


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MIke Munger

I did some more testing.  I think the problem has to do with how I was selecting the text placeholder before applying a format change.  If I drag through the text ("Click to edit master text styles") in the placeholder object, then apply formatting changes they will not always "ripple" to slide even though the format change displays in the layout.  But if I select the text placeholder object (click the placeholder box VS drag through the "Click to edit master text styles") then apply the format change this seems to "ripple".  Please confirm if I have the correct procedure.

MIke Munger

But when you drag and highlight the text, the text is highlighted and the object shows as selected.  If you select this way, then set to italic it will not ripple.  If you just click the placeholder object only the object is selected, the text does not show as highlighted.  If you do it this way and set to italic it "ripples"