Master & layout titles hiding graphics


If I add a graphic element over the title in a master or layout, that graphic  is hidden by the title when in a regular editing or preview mode. Take a look at the attachment - look at the master and first layout, the gold checkbox appears. But if you view the slide, it is covered by the title (which has a dark blue fill) and there seems to be no way to bring it forward or move the title backward. This appears to be a bug but if I'm doing something wrong, please let me know what that is. I've been banging my head for about 3 hours now.

Thanks - Jim Wagner

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James Wagner

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for the workaround. Here's another issue with slide masters in Storyline 3 - if I create a layer in either the master or any layout that uses it, the layer is not reflected when I create a slide that uses that layer. I just recently viewed a video where someone made extensive use of a layout that had a layer and in that video it seemed to be working fine. As it is, I have to create a separate "template slide" and copy/paste/duplicate that everywhere. Can you shed any light on that? I've attached a project - if you play it you will see a pull-down menu but I had to add that manually, the layers in the master and layout are ignored when I create a new slide.  Any help is appreciated.

Thanks - Jim Wagner